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Urea formaldehyde molding compound A1 series
Melamine formaldehyde molding compound
urea-formaldehyde-triamine composite granule
The most high-end environmental protection type adhesives
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gaoxing urea formaldehyde molding compound branch company  
       Our company has five urea formaldehyde molding compound production lines which product more than ten kinds of urea formaldehyde molding compound A1. Urea formaldehyde molding compound is used widely to produce entertainment products including mahjong,domino and so on, and also can be used to produce daily necessities, industrial electric appliance housing, low-voltage electrical plug-ins and so on. It has the following features: high strength, anti-scratch, anti-PH, anti-heat, no poison, good shining, bright color and no color changing issue with long term use.

       We have two melamine formaldehyde molding compound 宝运莱 production lines, this product is mainly used for the production of high-grade low-voltage electric switches, toilet seats and other related products, it is used widely. This product has the following features: good water resistance, low shrinkage, sooth appearance, good mechanical performance, stable processing performance. Better than other domestic similar products.

     Our company developed new advanced granulation technology of   urea-formaldehyde-triamine composite granule, and successfully developed and produce high-end product in this field to meet the growing market demand at home and abroad. Our product quality has met the United States UL certification standards and national standard GB-13454-92, so our products are widely used in producing household manufacturing, electrical instrumentation, automotive communications, decoration projects and so on, and especially used for high-grade electrical switches, high-grade sanitary ware, game toys, lighting phone and others.

We can produce goods with different colors according to customer’s requirements.
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